Delaware Journal of Public Health
Volume 1, Issue 2

Loosening the Grip of Tobacco in the First State

The Delaware Journal of Public Health (the Journal), a periodic, electronic publication, is the signature peer-reviewed journal of the Academy/DPHA. The Journal is Delaware-focused, but frequently includes articles, editorials, and research from national sources.

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Article 1. From the Executive Director
Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH

Article 2. About this Issue
Albert A. Rizzo, MD, FACP, FCCP and Deborah P. Brown

Article 3. An Interview with Dr. Albert Rizzo
Elizabeth Healy, MPH

Article 4. An Interview with Deborah Brown
Elizabeth Healy, MPH

Article 5. E-Cigarettes in Delaware: An Overview of Concerns of Potential Health Risks and Related Factors
Sean J. Tullier

Article 6. Our Future in Ending Tobacco Use in Delaware: Perspectives from the Millennial Generation
Michael Pederson, EdD; Kristin Yurkanin; Jennie Turner; Rachel Blair, Jillian Sullivan, Ines Crato, Kelley Foulke

Article 7. Delaware's Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program
Karyl Rattay, MD, MS; Paul Silverman, DrPH; and Richard E. Killingsworth, MPH

Article 8. Family Doctors Continuing the Fight Against Tobacco
Margot Savoy, MD, MPH

Article 9. Tobacco Use in Delaware: Issues and Trends
Fred Breukelman, CHES and Stephanie Belinske, MPH

Article 10. Rene Laennec: From the History and Archives Collection
Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH