Delaware Journal of Public Health
Volume 2, Issue 1

End of Life and Public Health

The Delaware Journal of Public Health (the Journal), a periodic, electronic publication, is the signature peer-reviewed journal of the Academy/DPHA. The Journal is Delaware-focused, but frequently includes articles, editorials, and research from national sources.

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Article 1. Introduction
Omar A. Khan, MD, MHS and Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH

Article 2. About this Issue
Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD, JD

Article 3. An Interview with Susan Del Pesco, Esq.
Elizabeth Healy, MPH

Article 4. An Interview with Dr. John Goodill
Elizabeth Healy, MPH

Article 5. The Importance of Advance Health Planning
Nathan Kottkamp, Esq.

Article 6. The Increasing Importance of Advance Care Planning
John Goodill, MD

Article 7. A Promise to Auntie Bini: Lessons from a 'Work Around' and the Value of Delaware Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment (DMOST)
Kathleen W. McNicholas, MD, JD

Article 8. The Impact of DMOST on Hospice and End-of-Life Care
Timothy Langan, MD and Keagen Brown, MBA, CPHIMS

Article 9. Delaware Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment Act: Keeping Control of Treatment Decisions
Wade Scott, Esq.

Article 10. The Evolution of Hospice Care: Expanding Access with the Concurrent Care for Children Provision
Billie Winegard, MD, MPH and Wendy Sturtz, MD

Article 11. State of Public Health 2016 with CDC Director Tom Friedan
Daniel Greenburg

Article 12. Death and Dying: From the History and Archives Collection
Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH