Delaware Journal of Public Health
Volume 2, Issue 5

Behavioral Health ... an integral piece of the public health puzzle

The Delaware Journal of Public Health (the Journal), a periodic, electronic publication, is the signature peer-reviewed journal of the Academy/DPHA. The Journal is Delaware-focused, but frequently includes articles, editorials, and research from national sources.

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Article 1. In this Issue
Gerard Gallucci, MD, MHS and Aileen Fink, PhD

Article 2. A Brief History of the Delaware Academy of Medicine at Christiana Hospital
Joseph F. Kestner, Jr., MD

Article 3. Place Matters: At the Intersection of Delaware Medicine and Population Health
Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH, NPMc; Omar A. Khan, MD, MHS; and Daniel J. Meara, MD, DMD

Article 4. An Interview with Jim Lafferty
Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH, NPMc and Gerard Gallucci, MD, MHS

Article 5. Growing Psychiatrist Shortages and the Role of Telepsychiatry in Delaware
Imran Trimzi, MD; Carolyn Morris, MHSA; Asma Mian, MD; and Gerard Gallucci, MD, MHS

Article 6. Available, Affordable, Accessible, Appealing: The A's of Influencing Healthy Eating and Active Living
Michelle Eichinger, MS, MPA

Article 7. When Planning Meets Health: Delaware's Plan4Health Grant Fosters a Healthy Delaware
Michelle Eichinger, MS, MPA and Kristen Vales

Article 8. Quantifying Medical Interpreter Activity: A Time-Motion Study
Frank C. Mayer, III, MBA; Danielle L. Mosby, MPH; Alexandra Nightingale, BS; Elizabeth J. Brown, MD, MSHP; Sarahfaye Dolman, MPH, MTA; Richard Caplan, PhD; Jacqueline Ortiz, M.Phil; Claudia Angelica Reyes-Hull, M.Arch; Adebayo Gbadebo, MBA; and Tze Chiam, PhD

Article 9. America's Health, Innovation, Technology, and the United States Presidential Election
Eliot Sorel, MD, DLFAPA

Article 10. Alzheimer's Disease: Our Evolving View, Our New Interventions
James M. Ellison, MD, MPH and Katie Macklin, MPA

Article 11. Why Trauma Matters to Delaware
Leslie Brower, PhD, RN

Article 12. A Guide to Involuntary Commitment in Delaware
Michelle Joy, MD; Sundeep Virdi, JD, MD; Mustafa Mufti, MD; Clarence Watson, JD, MD

Article 13. Psychiatric Service Utilization Trends in Delaware's Public Mental Health System Following the OLMSTEAD Settlement Agreement
Aileen Rothbard, ScD; Cynthia Zubritsky, MD; Sumedha Chatre, MD; Bridget Keogh, MPH; Hilary Cantiello and Susan Holloway

Article 14. Cigarettes and Psychotropic Medications: A study of the prescription pattern in an inpatient setting
Sehba Husain-Krautter, MD, PhD; Connie Chang, MD; Thomas A. O'Hara, MS; Joseph Esposito, MD; Vallabh Suryadevara, MD; Dolly Mishra, DO; Kiran Luther, MD; and Gerard Gallucci, MD, MHS

Article 15. Voices of the Delaware Community Reintegration Support Program (CRISP)
Cynthia Zubritsky, MD; Sumedha Chattre, MD; Bridget Keogh, MPH; Hilary Cantiello, Michael Barbieri, and Aileen Rothbard, ScD

Article 16. Understanding and Approaching the Increase in Suicide Rate with a Special Focus on the State of Delaware
Connie Chang, MD; Sebha Husain-Krautter, MD, PhD; Angela Golden, RN; Lee Berman, MD; Joseph Esposito, MD; Sanju George, MD; Emily Coggin Vera, LCSW; Jennifer SEo; Jennifer Smolowitz, Harvey Doppels, PhD; Gerard Gallucci, MD, MHS

Article 17. The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) on Health-Related Quality of Life, Mental Health, and Hospitalizations in Delaware
Khaleel S. Hussaini, PhD; Tabatha Offutt-Powell, DrPH; Mathew Christensen, PhD; Leah Woodall, MPA

Article 18. The Relative Contributions of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Healthy Environments to Child Flourishing in Delaware
Dana Thompson, MPH; Iman Sharif, MD, MPH; and Aileen D. Fink, PhD

Article 19. Improving Behavioral Health Care for Delaware's Children in Foster Care: A Public Health Imperative
Aileen D. Fink, PhD; Thomas I. Mackie, PhD, MPH; and Christopher Bellonci, MD, DFAACAP

Article 20. Adverse Childhood Experiences Negatively Impact Health Behaviors and Chronic Disease Risk Among Adults Residing in Delaware
Caprice A. Torrance, MHA; Kimberly Williams, MPH; Elizabeth Brown, MD; Kirsten Olson; Andrea Miller; Leslie Newman; and Mia A. Papas, PhD

Article 21. Delaware CORE: Early Psychosis Prevention in the First State
Charles Webb, PhD; Samantha Eklund, MC; Adina Seidenfeld, PhD; Geeta Kotak, MSW; and Timothy Fowles, PhD

Article 22. Pictorial History of Psychology and Psychiatry: From the History and Archives Collection
Elizabeth E. Healy, MPH