Delaware Journal of Public Health
Volume 3, Issue 3


The Delaware Journal of Public Health (the Journal), a periodic, electronic publication, is the signature peer-reviewed journal of the Academy/DPHA. The Journal is Delaware-focused, but frequently includes articles, editorials, and research from national sources.

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Article 1. In this Issue: Public Health
Daniel J. Meara, MD, DMD; Omar A. Khan, MD, MHS; Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH

Article 2. Cancer Care in Delaware: A National Model
Nicholas J. Petrelli, MD, FACS

Article 3. Delaware Cancer Consortium
Heather Brown; Nicholas J. Petrelli, MD, FACS

Article 4. Improving Access to Cancer Genetic Counseling through Telegenetics - A Bayhealth-University of Pennsylvania Initiative
Cara Cacioppo, MS, LCCG; Neeraja Reddy,MS, LCCG; Elisabeth M. Wood, MS, LCCG; Jan Jaeger, PhD; Demietrios Ofidis; Rishi Sawhney, MD; Priya Singh; Kiimberly Vidrine, BSN, RN, OCN; Harriet Pinkston; John Shevock, FACHE, FACMPE; Angela Bradbury, MD

Article 5. Comission on Cancer (CoC) CP3R Measures for Colon Cancer Evaluation of Delaware Cancer Registry Data
Betsy Cromartie, MA, CTR; Bob Hall-McBride, CTR; Zeinab Baba, DrPH, MS;

Article 6. Nanoparticle-Mediated Gene Regulation as a Novel Strategy for Cancer Therapy
Nicole L. Kreuzberger; Jilian R. Melamed; and Emily S. Day, PhD

Article 7. An Interview with Vicky Cooke
Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH

Article 8. Timeliness of Breast Cancer Treatment in Delaware
Stephanie H. Belinske, MPH; James Spellman, MD; Lisa Henry, MS; Marjorie Shannon, MS

Article 9. Screening for Prostate Cancer: Making Sense of the US Preventive Services Task Force 2017 Draft Recommendation Statement
David M. Bercaw, MD

Article 10. Community View Psychosocial Care for People with Cancer: The Cancer Support Community Model
Sean M. Hebbel, LCSW, OSW-C

Article 11. The Delaware Cancer Consortium Retreat: The Role of Sport and Physical Activity in Cancer Prevention
Katherine W. Smith, MD, MPH

Article 12. Robert. H. Frelick: From the History and Archives Collection
Brian W. Little, MD, PhD