Delaware Journal of Public Health
Volume 4, Issue 3

Maternal and Child Health

The Delaware Journal of Public Health (the Journal), a periodic, electronic publication, is the signature peer-reviewed journal of the Academy/DPHA. The Journal is Delaware-focused, but frequently includes articles, editorials, and research from national sources.

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Article 1. In this Issue: Maternal and Child Health
Omar A. Khan, MD, MHS and Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH

Article 2. Guest Editor
David A. Paul, MD

Article 3. Improving Access to Contraception in Delaware
Mark Edwards and Liz O'Neill

Article 4. Breastfeeding Support Group for Puerto Rican Moms
Yukiko Washio, PhD; Lauren Wills, BS; Elisa Colchado, MEd; Mara Humphreys, MEd; Carla P. Aponte, MS; Delsy M. Morales, BS; Linda M. Kilby, PhD, RD, LDN

Article 5. Changing Preterm Birth in Delaware
Matthew K. Hoffman, MD, MPH

Article 6. Delaware Infant Mortality
David A. Paul, MD; Neal D. Goldstein, PhD, MBI; Robert Locke, DO, MPH

Article 7. Delaware Birth Spacing Campaign: An Effort to Improve Maternal and Child Health Outcomes
Leah Woodall, MPA and Jennifer Reid, MS, CHES, EP-C

Article 8. Implementation of Group Prenatal Care for Pregnant Women on Opioid-Agonist Therapy at a Community-Based Substance Use Treatment Clinic
Elizabeth Zadzielski, MD, MBA, FACOG; Michelle Drew, CNM; Stephanie Rogers, RN; and Yukiko Washio, PhD

Article 9. Newborn Screening for Cystic Fibrosis in Delaware
Ambika Shenoy, MD; Kathi Peeke, APN; Kathryn Tullis, PhD; Michael Cellucci, MD; Aaron Chidekel, MD

Article 10. The Pregnancy Recovery Support Program
Elizabeth Zadzielski, MD, MBA, FACOG and Terry L. Horton, MD

Article 11. Maternal Health Disparities Among Puerto Ricans
Yukiko Washio, PhD; Omar Khan, MD, MHS; Ralph Rivera-Gutierrez, PhD, MSW

Article 12. Dispose of Prescription Drugs Properly by Visiting a Collection Site
Sean Dooley

Article 13. Dr. Margaret Irving Handy: From the History and Archives Collection
Kathryn Lenart, MA