Delaware Journal of Public Health
Volume 5, Issue 5

Health Policy: The Road to Value-Based Care

The Delaware Journal of Public Health (the Journal), a periodic, electronic publication, is the signature peer-reviewed journal of the Academy/DPHA. The Journal is Delaware-focused, but frequently includes articles, editorials, and research from national sources.

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Article 1. In this Issue: Health Policy
Omar A. Khan, MD, MHS and Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH

Article 2. Guest Editor
Kara Odom Walker, MD, MPH, MSHS

Article 3. Delaware Needs to Act to Save Primary Care
David Bentz

Article 4. Investing in Primary Care: A Work in Progress
Nancy Fan, MD

Article 5. The Relationship Between Food Deserts, Farmers' Markets, Nutrition Benefits, and Health in Delaware Census Tracts; 2017
Macred Gbenro, Jr., BS, MPH; Andrea M. Brace, PhD, CHES; and Todd L. Matthews, PhD

Article 6. The Unintended Consequences of Medicare Observation Status
Jennifer N. Goldstein, MD, MSc

Article 7. Moving Delaware Medicaid to Value: Leveraging Contracts as Policy Tools
Stephen Groff; Steven Constantino; Elizabeth J. Brown, MD, MSHP

Article 8. Understanding the Success Behind Maryland's Model
Madeline Jackson-Fowl and Willem Daniel

Article 9. Six Delaware Community-Based Organizations Receive Mini-Grants to Reduce Infant and Maternal Mortality
Kara Odom Walker, MD, MPH, MSHS

Article 10. Primary Care Spending in Delaware: Qualitative Features for Innovation
Charles G. Jose, MD, MPH and Yalda Jabbarpour, MD

Article 11. Measuring and Increasing Investment in Primary Care: Delaware Marches On
Christopher F. Koller

Article 12. Align and Invest for Impact with Our Communities
Karyl T. Rattay, MD, MS; Rita Landgraf; Stuart Comstock-Gay

Article 13. Does Being "First" Matter?
Robert J. Laskowski, MD, MBA

Article 14. A Stroke Reduction Health Plan for Older Adults in Rural Sussex County, Delaware
Stacey Novello, BSN, RN, CCRN; Mary Elizabeth Bowen, PhD; and Mari Griffioen, PhD, RN

Article 15. High Hospital Prices and Margins in Delaware Call for Action
Aditi P. Sen and Ge Bai

Article 16. Reflection - The APHA Annual Meeting and Expo
Timothy E. Gibbs, MPH

Article 17. An APHA Experience
Matt McNeill

Article 18. From John Snow to Vaccine Hesitancy
Katherine W. Smith, MD, MPH

Article 19. Delaware Hospitals Make Significant Investments in Value
Wayne A. Smith

Article 20. Nutrition Coaching by Registered Dietitians as an Effective Strategy to Reduce Adolescent Obesity
Mary Stephens, MD

Article 21. Health Care Needs of Homeless Older Adults: Examining the Needs of a Senior Center Cohort
Victor M. Ye, MS; Richard J. Caplan, PhD; Loretta Consiglio-Ward, MSN; James M. Ellison, MD, MPH